Catholic Foundations

The Catholic Fraternity Fund can serve the investment management/CIO needs of diocesan as well as autonomous Catholic foundations. Our Foundation Investment Management Program is available to serve as your steward – working quietly and confidentially in the background every hour of every day to protect and to grow your fund on behalf of you and your fund holders. This is what we do.

Being a part of a larger “investment pool” of funds elevates your stewardship to a whole new level by reducing risk and increasing investment opportunities to help you and your fundholders meet your financial goals. As a member of the Fraternity Fund you would have the option of providing your fundholders the individual investment model options we have developed.

Let the Catholic Fraternity Fund work for you and for your supported ministries!

There are no withdrawal costs or fees when the time comes for you to access your funds.

The Catholic Fraternity Fund manages all investments in compliance with Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines in line with the teachings of our Catholic faith.

For more information, please contact Alison Cochrane, CEO/President, Catholic Community Foundation at 210-732-2157 or at [email protected].