Congregations/Religious Orders

Religious congregations are uniquely challenged to balance the investment dichotomy between preservation and innovation. Both are critical and necessary ingredients to your financial health and future. It is essential that investment risks be minimized while still achieving the growth you need. How can this be accomplished? By participating in the Catholic Fraternity Fund religious congregations now have a faith-based investment management alternative – an alternative that will truly perform for you!

The Catholic Fraternity Fund offers three specially designed investment funds. You can select one or more funds (with no additional fees) to achieve your goals. Our funds are designed to serve the unique investment management needs of religious congregations by balancing preservation with innovation.

Does your congregation have an endowment? We can provide you with an investment fund option specially formulated to manage your endowed funds.

The Catholic Fraternity Fund manages all investments in compliance with Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines in line with the teachings of our Catholic faith.

For more information, please contact Alison Cochrane, CEO/President, Catholic Community Foundation at 210-732-2157 or at [email protected].