Dioceses and Parishes

The Diocesan Investment Program and the Parish Investment Program are each designed to serve the unique investment management needs of dioceses and parishes. Our investment models balance the preservation needs of parishes and dioceses with the need for innovation while growing and protecting your funds.

Dioceses who currently rely on for-profit investment management firms or who may be considering establishing their own foundation now have a confidential cost effective alternative. By enrolling in the Catholic Fraternity Fund’s Diocesan Investment Program there is no need to expend valuable working capital or incur the personnel and legal costs for formation and administration of your own foundation which would likely take many years to develop into the critical dollar mass needed for operational or economical effectiveness in today’s complex financial marketplace.

Parishes face their own particular stewardship challenges with respect to managing their funds. The Parish Investment Program is the perfect place for a parish to invest their funds in the medium (three year) or longer term. The availability of three investment models – provided at no additional cost – is often appealing to a parish in terms of diversifying and protecting their funds.

Whether a diocese or a parish, you will benefit from the higher level of stewardship we provide through our “diversified investment funds” model that reduces risk and increases investment opportunities within the Catholic Fraternity Fund’s already established and compliant structure (meaning compliant in terms of civil and Canon Law).

Should a diocese or a parish wish to move beyond an investment account to permanently endow funds for their long term protection, we can help! Ask us how.

The Catholic Fraternity Fund manages all investments in compliance with Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines in line with the teachings of our Catholic faith.

For more information, please contact Steve Oswald, CEO/President, Catholic Community Foundation at 210-732-2157 or at [email protected].